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达达免午夜起神影院|2018天天秀天天吃天天爱|日日更新 Co., Ltd.

Kunshan Jo Rui metal products Co., Ltd.

达达免午夜起神影院|2018天天秀天天吃天天爱|日日更新 Co., Ltd. was established on August 12, 2009, located in the economically developed hinterland of the Yangtze River Delta - No. 1222, Nijiatun Road, Zhoushi Town, Kunshan City. Qiao Rui modern processing industry: aviation parts, medical parts, non-standard parts, auto parts, laser parts research and development.

Why choose us

Why choose us
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    Company strength

    Qiaorui is a comprehensive precision component manufacturer and one-stop service company with technology as its core and R&D, design, intellectual, service and sales.

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    Quality purpose

    Over the years, we have been adhering to the tenet of “To be a good friend, to make a living for quality”, and to meticulously add glory to every customer.

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    Short cycle and fast delivery

    The inventory of self-owned brand products is sufficient, the order will be shipped on the same day, and the non-standard products will be delivered within 24 hours.

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    Quality service

    Specialized personnel provide global services.

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    US expert research shows that the global aerospace industry has a record income of 2018-07-20

    The reference news network reported on July 19 that the US media said that in 2017, the global aerospace industry achieved direct revenue of 838 billion US dollars. This is the most important number from the joint research project of American Aerospace Power Consulting and Tiel Group. The study used consistent definitions and references for all market segments and countries.

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    Small metal is being continually hot speculation. Who is going to skyrocket? 2018-06-21

    After the outbreak of the A-share metal cobalt plate, the titanium dioxide plate broke out in the past two days. From the price increase of these two small metal markets, the price of cobalt has increased by nearly 125% in the past year, and the titanium dioxide has also increased by 90%. The price increase of the industry will gradually be transmitted to the profits of related companies, which has become the highlight of the market. Small metal plate

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    China's metal industry requires investigation of the "malicious" short selling in the previous period 2018-06-08

    According to Reuters, industry sources said that a major association in the Chinese metal industry asked the authorities to investigate the "malicious" short selling of metals on the Shanghai Futures Exchange. This is the latest sign that China, a major metal producer, is panicking about price declines. Four sources said that this call

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    RMB depreciation boosts China's metal export competitiveness 2018-06-08

    At the moment, as the Chinese government takes action to guide the devaluation of the renminbi, the market expects the above-mentioned exports to the price-sensitive metal industry to accelerate. Since the beginning of this year, the export of related metals has increased by more than 25%. The increase in the market share of Chinese producers will depend on the people who are depreciating for the first time.

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    The rapid development of the Kentucky aluminum industry in the United States has contributed to the 2018-05-29

    A report by the Aluminum Association lists Kentucky as the state with the largest number of jobs created by the US's per capita aluminum industry. According to data from the Kentucky Department of Economic Development, there are approximately 200 aluminum-related companies in Kentucky. Since 2014

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    China Railway Construction won the bid for the first mining investment in Ecuador Copper Mine Engineering Department 2018-02-26

    On July 3, the Hong Kong media reported that China Railway Construction announced that its subsidiary, China Railway 19th Bureau, won the bid for the open pit mining and stripping project of the Mirador Copper Mine in Ecuador. According to the Hong Kong "Economic Daily" website reported on June 28, the project construction period is from the date of signing the contract to December 31, 2029, the bid price is 9.2.